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Why choose Inspired fragrances over Designer brands?

Designer fragrances are often over priced. We offer designer interpretations for a lower price than their retail counterpart. Inspired fragrances are perfect for anyone that is looking to smell Great on a budget.

What is Rose Gold Fragrance Company?

Rose Gold Fragrance Company was established in October of 2020 as an online luxury handcrafted perfume company. We have Original fragrances as well as inspired interpretations of designer fragrances. This is your one stop shop for smelling great, When you smell great, you feel great!

What If I do not like the fragrance?

Rose Gold Fragrance is willing to replace any damaged goods. If you do not like the fragrance, let us know. We are willing to accomodate you as we see fit. This is determined case by case.

Is my Information Protected?

Sharing of Data We do not sell your personal information to 3rd parties. We also use social buttons provided by services like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your use of these third party services is entirely optional. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices of these third party services, and you are responsible for reading and understanding those third party services' privacy policies.


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